Availability Widgets

Basic availability information of a followed service can be embedded to any web page using Spatineo Widgets. Widgets for each service can be created and configured on Sharing tab of Monitoring & usage section. For each widget the time span (last 7 or 30 days, or 12 months) and the colour theme can be configured. You can also select the background colour of the widget to match the web page you intend to use it on. The preview of the widget is displayed next to the widget settings.


By default the widgets can be shown on any web page. If you want you can limit the visibility of the widget by giving a list of allowed domain names. A asterisk wildcard character ‘’ can be used to include all subdomains of a domain. Inclusion rule ‘.acme.org’ would allow the widget to be displayed on page http://www.acme.org/my_availability/ as well as on http://limited.acme.org/another_availability/. You can add more than one domain separated by commas.

Clicking “Save” (while creating a new widget) or “Apply changes” (while editing an existing widget) makes the changes made visible at the websites which contain this widget.

To show a widget on a web page two pieces of HTML code need to added into the source code of the page: The so called “bootstrap” Javascript code (widget loader snippet) should be added inside the “head” element, and the actual widget placeholder element (widget element snippet) within the “body” element at the place where you wish the widget to appear in the page layout. Note that you only need to include the bootstrap code once per page even if you want to show more than one widget on the same page. When the page is loaded the bootstrap Javascript will run and load the widget contents inside each of the placeholder elements.

In many cases some information, like the background maps, are retrieved from a service provided by another organisation than the overlaid data. Several widgets can be added to one page to show the status and reliability of all the spatial web services providing information on a web page map application.