User Specific Settings

Most settings in the Spatineo Monitor, like alert configuration and followed services are shared among all the users of the same organisation: all users within the organisation see the same settings, and changes made by any user affect the views of other organisation's users as well. There are some user specific settings too, and they can be accessed at the top right corner of the Spatineo Monitor application, in the User menu opened by clicking the logged in user name. This menu also contains a button for logging the current user out of Spatineo Monitor.

Changing user password

The change password dialog is opened by clicking the "Change password" button in the User menu. It's required to give both the current and the new password correctly to change the password for the currently logged in user.

Changing the language of the application

The Spatineo Monitor is currently available in four languages: English, Finnish, German and French. The preferred language can be changed by pressing the "Change language" button in the User menu.