Using Test Credits

Each completed test costs you one credit unless you have an unlimited plan

The pricing model is Spatineo Performance is simple and fair: you only pay for the tests you complete successfully. There are no monthly subscription fees, just purchase a test package of the size most suitable for your performance testing needs, and run the tests when you feel like it within 12 months of the purchase. Each new purchased test package also extends the expiration of your remaining, previously purchased test credits: after buying a new test package you have 12 months to use both your remaining and the new test credits. See Pricing section on our website for more info.

Your remaining test amount and the days remaining to use them are always shown at the top section of the Spatineo Performance application. When running low on test credits, you can directly contact your account manager using the "Get more.." link. We will get back to you within 24 hours to offer you a new test package or plan upgrade.


The amount of available test credits and the time remaining to use them is shown at the top section of the Spatineo Performance application.


Simulated test runs are free

To help you get acquainted with Spatineo Performance or refresh your skills you can run any tests as simulations by selecting "Simulation only" checkbox on the test setup tab. Simulated tests run the same way as real tests except that no requests are send to the actual servers. When running a test as simulated, the application imitates the capacity of typical services by degrading the response time and functionality of the services gradually as the test load increases. Simulated tests do not create any stress for the actual services, so the data shown in the Test timeline and Result analytics views does not reflect measured capacity of these services.

You can use the simulated tests to practice using Spatineo Performance or to demonstrate how the application works for your colleagues or at a training. Running simulated tests does not cost you test credits, and you can run them even if you have no credits left. The simulated tests are clearly indicated with a "simulated" tag at the end of the test name and in the Test timeline graph titles.

Upgrading to unlimited credit plan

If you need to run performance tests often, you may want to consider upgrading to the Spatineo Performance Unlimited plan. In this option you purchase a yearly subscription and can run any number of tests within 12 months of starting your subscription. To change your subscription type, please contact our sales by using the "Get more.." link at the top the page or send email to sales (at) spatineo (dot) com.

Credits are returned for cancelled tests

You can cancel a test a any time during it's run if you notice that the test load amount or the request parameters do not seem to give useful results, or the service is not responding like it should. The credit used for starting a test will be returned to you immediately after cancelling the test, and you can use it to start a new test.


Access the data for the cancelled tests

The test data on Test timeline and Result analysis is not automatically available for cancelled tests. If you want to analyse the test data for a cancelled test, you can purchase the results for one test credit.