Maintenance Breaks & Other Community Notifications

An important part of building a working user community around the provided services is bi-directional communication between the data provider and the users. Spatineo Directory provides a publicly accessible information page for every monitored service with built-in discussion functionality.

Users of Spatineo Monitor can additionally provide information about the scheduled maintenance events of their services and publish other notifications to their user communities.

Publishing maintenance announcements and other notifications

The upcoming maintenance events and other notifications are published using the Notification publisher on the Overview & reports view. The maintenance notifications are listed at the top part and other notifications at the bottom part of the publisher view. The publication time of the notifications is controlled by setting the "Publish time" field. Only the notifications for which the "Publish time" has passed are visible in the Spatineo Directory.

The notifications can be published for one or more services owned by the user's organisation. The affected services or entire service groups for each notification are set in the bottom part of the notification editor dialog.

Following the notifications in Spatineo Directory

These maintenance events and notifications are shown in the Spatineo Directory pages of all affected services. Anyone can subscribe to these notifications as Atom and iCal feeds to automatically get notified when new maintenance breaks are announced. This functionality is designed to fulfil the requirements on public publishing of planned downtime of the EU INSPIRE directive Network Services Guidance documents.*

*) Technical Guidance for the implementation of INSPIRE View Services, Chapter 6: Quality of Services,