Spatineo Monitoring Agent Network

Monitoring data for Spatineo Monitor is collected continuously around the clock by a set of servers forming the Spatineo Monitoring Agent Network. Each of the monitored Spatial Web Services is sent a lightweight test request every 5 minutes. The results of these requests are analysed for possible errors, and the results are recorded in our monitoring database with other statistics such as the server response time.

The monitoring network simulates real-world usage of the services by slightly varying the request parameters, such as the bounding box, to eliminate unrealistic response times created by caching the responses at the server side or by proxies between the server and the Monitoring Agents. The request generation uses intelligent self-learning algorithms to automatically focus to areas with a reasonable amount of provided visual information.

The monitoring data from the Monitoring Agents is delivered to the Spatineo Monitor application as well as the alerting system in near real-time: The results will be visible in the Spatineo Monitor within seconds from receiving the responses of monitoring requests.

The Monitoring Agent Network is running in a highly scalable and reliable Amazon AWS Cloud Computing platform. The Monitoring Agent Network currently processes about 8 million requests each day to keep track of 50,000 services around the world. By using the European AWS data centres we can ensure that all the monitoring network traffic as well as stored data from our European customers stays within Europe.