Verify Service Ownership

Load testing is only allowed for the services you own

Spatineo Performance is a powerful tool to creating considerable amounts of load for the target services. It’s quite easy to create tests which take so much of the server’s resources that those services become unavailable to all other users. Normally you should only run the heavier tests during the service maintenance breaks or before launching a service in public. It’s always a good idea to start testing a new service with a reasonably low request rate test and then increase the load in the next tests to see how the increasing load affects your services and the it’s backend systems like databases and disks.

Because of the potentially harmful effects for running the tests, the load testing with Spatineo Performance is limited only to the services that you own or have full control over. The ownership is verified by the claiming process during which you have to install a specifically created, organisation specific text file under the web server domain used for hosting the tested WMS, WFS or WMTS services. The same claiming process is used also for Spatineo Monitor, so you only need to claim each the service once.

Spatineo Performance will automatically guide you through the service claiming process when you create a test for non-claimed service.